“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are”

Jason Crandell

Starr Yoga – Roslindale, MA

Tuesday 9:30am – Starr Flow

Wednesday 4:30pm – Starr Gentle Flow

Thursday 10:15am – Starr Flow

Sunday 10:15am – Starr Flow

Starr Flow

A Vinyasa flow, synchronizing the breath with the movements. You will begin with a gentle warm up followed by a challenging, intelligent flow of postures. The fluid set of movements will focus on increasing flexibility, strength, stamina, and calming the mind. Class will finish with a cool down and your final rest pose, shavasana. All levels welcome.

Starr Gentle Flow

A slow flow, floor based class designed to stretch and strengthen the body and soothe the soul. Class begins with pranayama, breathing exercises to relax and center the body and mind. Gentle movement linked with breath will build build heat within the body, preparing you for restorative poses. The use of props allows you to benefit from deep passive stretching. This class is suitable for all levels.